Then consider yourself lucky, as I do offer private sessions for those seeking to experience the Ultimate in Amazon and BBW Domination.

Does the mere thought of being towered over while you stand there helpless and weak turn your insides to mush? Maybe you've thought of feeling the extreme pressure of being crushed between My enormous thighs that makes you feel light headed. Always thought of experiencing the Immense pressure of being completely smothered and crushed while being caught beneath My ass with absolutely No hope for escape? Maybe you've always wanted to be the Good little Financial Piggy you who needs to be used, and abused and put in your place. Have you been a bad little boy who needs to be placed over My knee and given the spanking you deserve? Or do you simply crave to be at My feet, kissing, licking, worshipping My size 13 feet? Then wait no longer....and send Me an email at AmazonGoddessAmanda at!

So, you've taken that're ready to have a session with Me, but now you don't know WHERE to meet Me. Click the link below to see a listing of My tour dates posted. I travel frequently to major cities, as well as internationally. If you don't see your city posted email Me for info or to arrange for travel.

You may be asking yourself at this point do I offer the type of session you are interested in? To make things easy, the following rules apply to ALL sessions and as to what is NOT allowed. 1. NO Nudity. 2. NO Sex. 3. NO Kissing above My neck (you may kiss My feet and My ass, but above My neck is OFF limits). 4. NO Release.

Not quite ready to meet Me in person, but still wish to experience, to Some extent, the power and
Awe that is Me? Phone and webcam sessions are also available. To arrange for private calls/show,
Email Me at AmazonGoddessAmanda at

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